I have passion for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and looking for ways to make the world a better place.

I share my visiones through lectures, classes, workshops, social networks and my personal web to empower others with tools to do the same.

I develop and invest in projects whose main ingredient is the applied innovation in the areas of strategy, creativity and technology.

This objective has become my personal mission through the following areas of action:

  • Applied to the world of Internet marketing and communication through unique projects.
  • Supporting creativity and innovation as an engine of progress in society and organizations.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship through projects and
  • “From technology to the creative entrepreneur Innovator”


Toni Mascaró is a pioneer in the world of the Internet since 1992 and an expert on information technologies applied to marketing and communication.

He has over 20 years of consulting experience, creativity and development of Internet projects for recognized organizations, governments and

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startups. It also has consolidated experience in different areas of Internet like consultancy, ecommerce, marketing online, corporate projects, intranets, social networks, e-learning, CRM, analytics, virtual reality, interactive video, internet of things and
Smartcities among others.

Founder and director of eMascaró leader in the Internet industry with over 12 years experience creating and developing Internet projects recognized with international awards.

Develop and participate in different projects and startups whose main axis innovation applied to social transformation.

Passionate about innovation Internet and share their experiences and visions in different universities, events, conferences, initiatives and articles.

In his passion for entrepreneurship and Barcelona, Toni founded the movement BLE (Barcelona Loves Entrepreneur) and part of the other initiatives such as Barcelona Global and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) EO (Entrepreneur Organization) and Internet Society.

Artist, creator and tireless researcher also express their ideas through their personal projects through photography and Technology.

Career “step by step”

1991 creates first business linking creativity and, On the AIR, SL technology dedicated to creating multimedia projects. At this time it created its first interactive products and TvChannel® Infodisk® companies offering solutions to improve their marketing.

During this period it becomes one of the leading international music industry creating and conceptualizing designs and products for the most important music labels in Spain.

A pioneer in the world of technology

With its innovative spirit, installed the first digital editing systems, three-dimensional animation and video conference systems in Spain.

He was responsible for the introduction of the first systems to capture video and image to PC and Commodore Amiga, one of the major players in forums, communities and participating in events like SIMO and INFORMAT.

In the field of telecommunications was one of the first users in Spain of the BBS and Fidonet, creating their proper Bulleting System Boards them at home and start their first contact with a premature internet via providers Spain as Abaforum and Servicom.

In his inventive facet create different applications and software solutions as a drawing software by Laser technology and also involved with the company 3Dnewvision in creating proprietary technology for lenticular printing.

Entrepreneur consolidated

Toni Mascaro is known for his versatility by working for different areas in which he has worked as art, design, marketing, advertising, 3d, photography, information technology, video, multimedia and internet.

In this area I work creating advertising campaigns for different agencies and winning awards for campaigns such as Toshiba.

He was part of a film Glory Day project on the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. This project was part of the team of experts in animation and three-dimensional modeling based on the originals and interpretations of Gaudí’s vision plans. The final work was to visualize the temple fully finished with 18 towers completed.

Through this project I pipe the great opportunity to collaborate with companies like Microsoft, Softimage, Intergraph, Silicon Graphics and working with early technologies scarce, animation and post-production with 3D Studio, Maya and Adobe.

Simulación 3d del templo de la Sagrada Familia creada en el proyecto Gloryday
3d Simulation of Sagrada Familia Church

2003.  Born eMascaró

It is in 2003 when Toni Mascaró set up eMascaró, a consultancy company specialized in the introduction of information technologies in the companies. eMascaró has become a leading companie in the field of consultancy, creativity and development of marketing and communication projects on Internet in Spain.

During these 10 years, the company has developed over 500 projects in different areas: consulting, marketing and communication, e-commerce, intranets, marketing campaigns, e-Learning, Advergaming, interactive video, Web 2.0, etc..

In this context, he created the innovative product Microspot ®, a multimedia format advertising and communications that already has more than 100 cases successfully applied to different companies.

Currently, Toni Mascaro leads the group eMascaró, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid with a team of 20 multidisciplinary professionals covering all business areas of the company and with a great range of clients like:

Deutsche Bank, Ooredoo, Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Andorra Turisme, Ferrocarrils Generalitat , Tram, Openbravo, Laboratorios Uriach, Santillana Education, MC Mutual, CIN Post, Akzonobel, Rosroca, Mutua Universal, RACC, General Electric, La Caixa, Gecsa, UOC, Keytel,  Confortel, CDN, Node , Grupo Planeta, Deusto, Torras Papel, Venca, Barcelona Digital, 22@ Barcelona, among others.

2006. eMascaró expands into tourism

In 2006 eMascaró became pioneer in the market again and launch the business division of Tourism. eMascaró Tourism became one of the leading players in the industry working for the most established companies in the field: Group Majestic, PGA, Pga Golf Catalunya, Vincci Hotels, Fuerte Hoteles Confortel, Núñez and Navarro, Casa Batllo, Unique Hotels, Viva Hotels, Ayre Hotels, Inturotel, Hospes, Lastminute, Keytel, Sercotelhoteles, Chic and Basic, Spring Hotels, Companies Roig, Alexandre Hotels, Ocean, H10, Silken Hotels , among others.


eMascaró has been recognized for its design and creativity nationally and internationally with major awards Laus, Horizon Awards, CSS design Awards, Communicator Awards, Internet Advertising Competition, Interactive Media Awards, Webby AwardsInternational Design AwardsLovie Awards y  Summit Creative Awards etc.

A tireless activist and promoter of the Innovation and entrepreneurial world

Throughout his career Toni Mascaro has played, promoted and actively participated in differtn initiatives.

Member of


Presentations, collaborations and conferences


Toni Mascaró is passionate and restless innovation, travel, sport, photograpy, and art.


Continuously researches in various fields such as robotics, science, physics, space and everything that has to do as advanced technology. To stay abreast of all this is one of the most extensive collections of resources blogs.


To stay awake loves discovering new cultures and from a young age his passion for travel has taken him to more than 50 destinations around the world including Tanzania, Germany, Japan, Thailand, England, Holland, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, United States, Africa, among others.

Sports and adventure

Not that escape from anything, just running is one of their main way to relax your mind and has more than 3500 km.

Art and Photography

The drawing, design and creativity have always been one of his passions and for some years has created the project Numbers which involves creating 144x144cm boxes a compilation of key numbers in each city.