This is a space to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences around creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Internet world. I hope these will be of interest to you and help you in developing your projects.

My job


As the founder and CEO of eMascaró, one of the best companies specializing in the creation and development of multi-platform projects in the Internet world.

Together with my partner and our team we are creating several projects on the Internet, from strategy, through creativity, design, technology, content management and creation, and the marketing strategies.

Highlighting our pursuit of quality and excellence, as a result of this we have been reawarded Internacionally.

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I invite you to enter in my BLOG section where every week I will publish conferences, articles, news, projects and news around the Internet world in the fields of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

You are invited totake part and enrich my posts with yours comments.

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One of my passions is to cooperate on projects in three areas; Innovation & Creativity, Internet and Entrepreneurship.

Conducted classes and workshops for universities, business schools and participated as a speaker at several events and conferences.

If you have an idea or project that you think I can help you with, please contact me.

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Next events & conferences 

9th October 2014

BLE & Space World Space Week


BLE&Space: Barcelona as a key planner of aerospace sector
21st October 2014


Event for hotels and restaurants industries 

Moderator, jury and speaker

12th November 2014

SIMBIOSI. Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona Round Table

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